What is DAME

Nowadays, many scientific areas share the same need of being able to deal with massive and distributed datasets and to perform on them complex knowledge extraction tasks. This simple consideration is behind the international efforts to build virtual organizations such as, for instance, the Virtual Observatory (VObs). DAME (DAta Mining & Exploration) is an innovative, general purpose, Web-based, distributed data mining infrastructure specialized in Massive Data Sets exploration with machine learning methods. Initially fine tuned to deal with astronomical data only, DAME has evolved in a general purpose platform program, hosting a cloud of applications and services useful also in other domains of human endeavor.
DAME is an evolving platform and new services as well as additional features are continuously added. The modular architecture of DAME can also be exploited to build applications, finely tuned to specific needs.
The project represents what is commonly considered an important element of e-science: a stronger multi-disciplinary approach based on the mutual interaction and interoperability between different scientific and technological fields (nowadays defined as X-Informatics, such as Astro-Informatics). Such an approach may have significant implications in the Knowledge Discovery in Databases process, where even near-term developments in the computing infrastructure which links data, knowledge and scientists will lead to a transformation of the scientific communication paradigm and will improve the discovery scenario in all sciences.

Science Cases in Astrophysics

Products (Cloud Services) in one click

The DAME Program is made of a cloud of web-based applications and services, continously growing up in a variety of scientific areas. The following are the products already available. For a complete and detailed description of DAME Products (already released or under deployment), please visit this page.

Official Partners

University of Napoli Federico II Dept. of Physics, University Federico II
INAF OACN Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte
CALTECH California Institute of Technology
DAME partners acknowledge the financial support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Italy-USA bi-lateral grant Building an e-science Data Mining Infrastructure, the European Union through the projects VO-Tech and VO-AIDA and the Ministry of University and Research through the PON S.Co.P.E. GRID project. We also acknowledge a crucial support from the Fishbein Family Foundation, and a partial support from the NASA grant 08-AISR08-0085


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